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A certain company has a variety of management and professional and technical personnel more than 1.6 million people, with academicians workstations, post-doctoral research station, civil engineering graduate education innovation center and state-level technology center. The Group has the comprehensive strength of building research and design, construction, equipment installation, construction decoration, road construction, construction machinery manufacturing, building component production, real estate development, project supervision, material supply, machine leasing, construction technology development and technical education training, Able to independently contract large-scale high-end projects at home and abroad, the implementation of BT, BOT, EPC construction projects.

So and so a company has always been to the relentless pursuit of quality, sustained and efficient services to win customers to capture the market. In the fierce market competition, the company constantly blaze new trails. We have established a set of their own characteristics of the efficient system, in the fast-growing future of information age, the company through the Internet, a lot of information carrier, and vigorously promote e-commerce network marketing market, give full play to high-tech unique, Sales, prompt delivery, how fast the province for the majority of customer service.

company advantage:

First, the management advantage

The company has a large number of experienced, long engaged in architectural design, construction, the company management of the elite, with strong design and construction management strength; have a well-trained, tactics Skilled professional construction team; established a clear division of labor, responsibility, office and efficient high-quality management team. Companies tend to all-round, professional, diversified management, to ensure that each project's resource allocation, the overall effect to achieve the best. For the company's continuous development provides a strong guarantee.

Second, the innovative design concept advantages

So and so a company has a professional high level of the design team to the pursuit of fashion, different, different styles, and strive to perfect, unique and innovative design concept for customers to design a person and space, practical and artistic, quality and cost perfect Mutual combination of places. Every designer is a professional, fashion, innovation, integrity, experienced designer. The following are the same as the "

Third, environmental protection, high-quality material security advantages

So and so many companies at home and abroad and many well-known brands of materials manufacturers have long-term cooperation, such as Kohler bathroom, American Standard, Ausi Man sanitary ware, gold ware sanitary ware, the elephant to strengthen the wooden floor, Anxin floor, music ocean floor, Mr. lock, Glass, Nobel rain tiles, Mona Lisa, NVC lighting, Kang Cai, Marco Polo and other well-known national materials manufacturers. The company established a professional decorative materials exhibition hall, all the main material, everything, perfect for you to show. Decorative materials can be issued by the cooperation of manufacturers to provide quality and environmental testing report, quality and cheap, environmentally friendly health.

Fourth, the superb advantages of construction technology

So and so have a company from the Soviet Union, Anhui and other years of professional construction experience in the construction team. They are skilled, professional knowledge, in strict accordance with the national decoration "decoration construction standards" construction, at the same time, the company will be based on decorative materials and market demand, continuous material upgrades and technological innovation, and strive to make every project to first-class The perfect show of technology.

Fifth, the advantages of engineering quality

So that a certain company in a multi-sectoral joint management and supervision of the quality of the project, the progress of the project, has been in the "integrity of services, quality win" business philosophy for customers to create high-quality assured project.

Six, perfect after-sales service system advantages

So and so a company in order to solve the customer on the venue after the renovation of the quality problems will occur and other concerns, the company established a sound pre-sale, sales and after-sales service system. The establishment of a professional service team, equipped with a modern network office system, and equipped with professional customer service personnel, whether through the online network, or the company 24 hours customer service phone, customers can reflect the problem quickly respond and timely solution.

Seven, the customer recognized the brand advantage

The establishment of the brand is based on customer recognition, consumer satisfaction and good service on the basis of a certain company with a practical action to prove their own in the decoration industry in the brand and status, has been in the public decoration industry Leading position and industry leading enterprises. For the decoration industry has made outstanding contributions to innovation.

Eight, the pilot industry leader

Because professional, so confident; because professional, so excellent. A certain company through years of unremitting efforts, pioneering and innovative, proactive entrepreneurial spirit, has become the leader in the public decoration industry and take the lead in the pursuit of fashion, innovative design concept to Seiko secret agents, excellence The construction concept, in good faith-based, the credibility of the first business philosophy for customer service, has become a leader in the public equipment industry.


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