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Business advantage

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A certain company has a variety of management and professional and technical personnel more than 1.6 million people, with academicians workstations, post-doctoral research station, civil engineering graduate education innovation center and state-level technology center. The Group has the comprehensive strength of building research and design, construction, equipment installation, building decoration, road construction, construction machinery manufacturing, building component production, real estate development, project supervision, material supply, machine leasing, construction technology development and technical education training, Able to independently contract large-scale high-end projects at home and abroad, the implementation of BT, BOT, EPC construction projects.

So and so a company has always been to the relentless pursuit of quality, sustained and efficient services to win customers to capture the market. In the fierce market competition, the company constantly blaze new trails. We have established a set of their own characteristics of the efficient system, in the fast-growing future of information age, the company through the Internet, a lot of information carrier, and vigorously promote e-commerce network marketing market, give full play to high-tech unique, Sales, prompt delivery, how fast the province for the majority of customer service.


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