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Product advantages

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1. Company employees will their service processes, fees, design and construction, after-sales service in all aspects of the problem in detail to the owners, will also arrange for the owners to see the company is construction or near the end of the site to allow owners Witnessed their construction process, service attitude, project quality, so that they convince.

2. Budget staff to do a detailed comprehensive offer, a detailed analysis of the material, the timber of the brand, specifications, unit price, quantity, artificial wage clearly marked, not a comprehensive quotation, you can use their own home with each sheet To the mercy.

3. The designer communicates face-to-face with the owner. According to the owners of the investment plan, have their own professional quality for the owners to use limited investment, to make more practical and perfect decorative effect, and tracking, including the owners to buy flooring, wall tiles, floor tiles, Division may be accompanied by the whole, in order to achieve coordination with the overall decoration.

4. Sign rigorous norms of the construction contract, no loopholes can drill, all according to the rules, the company and the owners bear the corresponding obligations and responsibilities.

5. During construction, each project site has a project manager, who throughout the entire construction process monitoring, responsible for the progress of the site, quality management, staff deployment, coordination with the owners. Because they are professional construction workers, professional knowledge and construction management experience, the site can keenly identify problems, thoroughly solve the problem, you can make the busy owners save time and trouble.

6. After the completion of the acceptance by the owners personally, free environmental testing, and issued a two-year warranty for life-long service card, so that the owners really rest assured.


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