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Construction works are the technical works and completed engineering entities for the planning, surveying, designing, construction and completion of new buildings, alterations or extensions of buildings and ancillary structures, as well as the installation of lines, pipelines and equipment that are compatible with them. . Also refers to a variety of housing, building construction, also known as construction workload. This part of the amount of investment must be building materials, through construction activities can be achieved.

Buildings, hotels, shops, schools, hospitals and residences. The construction, renovation or expansion of buildings and buildings shall be carried out by means of construction activities. The "ancillary building facilities" Building supporting the water tower, bike shed, pool and so on. "Installation of lines, pipes and equipment" refers to the installation of electrical, water supply and drainage, HVAC, communication, intelligence, elevators and other lines, pipelines and equipment that are compatible with the building and its ancillary facilities.


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