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Provincial housing construction vigorously promote green construction

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Green construction refers to the construction of the project, in ensuring the quality, safety and other basic requirements under the premise of scientific management and technological progress, to maximize the conservation of resources and reduce the negative impact on the environment to achieve four environmental protection (energy saving, Water saving, materials and environmental protection) construction activities. Compared with the traditional construction, green construction through the full use of natural resources and conservation of new environmental protection, can effectively solve the energy conservation and environmental protection issues, to provide people with healthy and comfortable living environment and working environment, with significant economic benefits, social benefits and environmental protection benefit. In recent years, the provincial housing and urban construction department to carry out green construction action as the starting point, more measures simultaneously, vigorously promote green construction, and achieved results.


    First, adhere to the standard first, and constantly improve the green construction standards system. Has introduced the "Anhui Province Construction Engineering Green Construction Technical Guidelines (Trial)", "Anhui Green Building Engineering Supervision Guide" for the construction of green construction in the "energy saving, land, water, materials and environmental protection" And other aspects of a comprehensive technical requirements to clarify the responsibility of the parties to the construction of the parties to the behavior of the province's construction of green construction management, to promote the development of green construction in our province has an important guiding role.


    Second, adhere to the demonstration lead, and actively create green construction demonstration project. An Jian Building, urban and rural planning buildings and other 14 projects successfully included in the national green construction demonstration project, and green construction demonstration included in the construction of science and technology projects in Anhui Province, cultivate green construction demonstration project, and promote the province of green construction and new technology application.


    Third, adhere to the technical research, vigorously promote the modernization of the construction industry. Modernization of the construction industry is based on the concept of green development, with modern scientific and technological progress as the support, the use of standardized design, industrial production, assembly construction and information management, etc. to build, use and management of the building. Promote the modernization of the construction industry is conducive to energy saving and energy saving materials, reduce the construction of environmental pollution, improve construction efficiency, improve building quality, promote the development of related industries. The "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Modernization of Construction Industry", which was drafted by our hall, has been submitted to the provincial government for the implementation of the project, and the development goals and implementation paths of the province's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" and 2017 years. In Hefei, Ma On Shan, Wuhu, Bengbu 4 cities to carry out 2 million square meters of engineering pilot. Hefei City included in the national housing industry modernization pilot cities.


    Fourth, insist on propaganda and guidance, continue to strengthen the green construction propaganda work. Vigorously carry out green construction publicity work, has been for the development of green construction to create a good social atmosphere. In September 2014, my hall organized the province's green building and green construction publicity promotion meeting, invited experts on the "Anhui Province Green Building Supervision Guide", "Anhui Province Green Building Construction Technology Guide" and other special interpretation, To further improve the practitioners of the development of green buildings, green construction awareness and technical level for the green construction in-depth development to create the conditions.


    Provincial Construction Department will be "Anhui Construction Engineering Green Construction Technology Guide (Trial)" to implement the work as the starting point, the establishment of green building promotion assessment mechanism to enhance the level of green construction technology, promote green construction in all directions to promote the transformation of the construction industry Upgrade, for the implementation of air pollution control, building a good Anhui to play its due strength. (Source: Provincial Office)


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