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Building decoration industry transformation and development continue to deepen the industry structure optimization

In addition to the national macroeconomic policy and real estate industry changes in the building decoration industry have a certain impact, the construction industry, the transformation of the transformation of the industry continue to deepen, the industry structure is optimized to two outstanding features.

1. The transformation and development of deepening

With the continuous development of green awareness, the whole industry on the green design and construction technology attention to promote the level of industrialization, industrial park construction has a new development. In 2015, building decoration engineering enterprises, especially large-scale backbone enterprises to increase the green design, green construction technology research and development efforts in energy saving, low-carbon environmental protection, improve quality and achieved a number of new results. On the basis of a comprehensive and continuous improvement of the factory-based processing and on-site assembly construction technology, the finished product parts and parts used in the project have been newly upgraded. The standardization of the special-shaped ceiling, the standardization of parts and components, the energy-saving doors and windows, the new insulation materials , Water-saving sanitary products and other aspects of a number of new patented technology, to achieve green development provides a strong technical material security. The strength of the building decoration engineering enterprises to invest in the construction of a number of new industrial parks, this not only adjust and optimize the enterprise's capital structure, talent structure, but also for enterprises to open up new areas of investment, to achieve the transformation of enterprises is very important The meaning of. Industrial Park construction also adjusts the industry structure and market structure optimization, and promote the industry to improve the level of industrialization has played a positive role.

2. Industry structure is optimized

2015 is the architectural decoration industry structural adjustment and optimization efforts to increase the year. First, the enterprise structure is constantly optimized. By the impact of changes in the domestic market, the industry increasingly fierce competition, mergers and reorganization efforts to increase the building decoration industry around 2000 no small decorative enterprises to withdraw from the market, the purification and standardization of the industry market, improve the level of building decoration project resources positive effects.

Second, the market structure and the environment continue to optimize. First, building decoration enterprises to use the capital market access to unconventional, sustainable development capacity awareness. In 2014, there are seven architectural decoration companies waiting to be approved, five more than 2015. Under the influence of the capital market, the enterprise structure and echelon will change greatly, and the allocation of the engineering market resources will be more and more matched with the enterprise structure, and further promote the adjustment and optimization of the market structure. Second, the structure of the industry technology market optimization. In 2015, a large number of architectural decoration patented technology has been approved, mainly in the materials, parts, components, especially in the finished, standardized technology is particularly prominent. At present, the composition of the industry technology market structure is very complex, the construction level is still not high, many advanced technology has not been able to promote the use of technology market, but through the integration between enterprises, restructuring, advanced technology spillover effect is growing. Third, the talent structure is becoming more reasonable. In the process of large-scale decoration enterprises, high-end compound talents have been cultivated, trained and improved, formed a number of new decision-making, management personnel and technical personnel, professional talent structure more and more able to adapt to the industry to change the development mode, Continued development requirements. On the issue of talent, the industry suggested that the construction of a shortage of labor has become an important bottleneck in the development of the industry. Building decoration industry is the traditional labor-intensive industries, construction of the number of front-line labor resources, quality and development of a direct decision on the quality of the development of the industry and the survival of enterprises. As China's demographic dividend gradually disappear, into the construction industry, the growing labor force, labor shortage has affected the development of the industry. In addition, due to the national labor quota and real wages upside down, resulting in a large number of labor costs can not be digested. To fundamentally solve the problem of labor shortage, we must through the leading technology reform and upgrading, a substantial reduction in the operation of the labor force in the labor supply and demand to achieve a new balance. Building decoration industry is a sustainable development and continuous investment in the industry, the development of the entire construction industry has played an important supporting role. China Building Decoration Association set up 30 years, has been committed to guide and promote the healthy development of the industry, for the Chinese architectural decoration industry has made a positive contribution. Association of experts in the industry in recent years, the rapid development of concealment of joy and pride, he said, 2015, the building decoration industry will remain about 10% growth rate, the architectural decoration industry development prospects are bright. Association will continue to play as "to provide services, reflecting the demands, norms of behavior" role, to promote the further development of the building decoration industry.


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