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"Six Great Sword" Governance Building Quality

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Housing and Urban Construction Department announced on the 26th, the next two years will be an unprecedented scale and intensity in the country to start the project quality control action, the central out of the "six sword" directed at the construction market chaos.

Ministry of Housing and Construction spokesman Ni Hong said, "Six Sword" refers to the six actions of governance action: the full implementation of the project construction of the five parties the main responsibility of the project responsibility system; severely crack down on subcontracting subcontract construction and other acts; Improve the quality supervision and supervision mechanism; vigorously promote the modernization of the construction industry; to speed up the building market integrity system; effectively improve the quality of employees.

According to the deployment, the future construction project will introduce a lifelong recovery mechanism - within the service design life, the project construction, survey, design, construction, supervision of the five parties will bear the corresponding quality of life responsibility.

Before the start of the five parties must sign the quality of life responsibility commitment book, after the completion of the project set up permanent signs, indicating the participating units and project leader name, once the problem even if the project manager to leave or retire, The

At the same time, on October 1 this year, the implementation of more stringent construction subcontracting subcontractors found that the investigation and handling methods. In addition to the new regulations to re-identify the illegal acts, but also greatly improve the punishment.

According to reports, two years of governance action, in addition to sound engineering quality supervision and supervision mechanism, but also for the current 45 million construction workers to strengthen the management and skills training, illegal enterprises will be included in the "blacklist", the implementation of national networking Supervision. ("Anhui Daily" September 27, 2014 01 edition)


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