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Analysis on the Technical Development of Chinese Building Decoration Industry

1, the technical level of curtain wall and technical characteristics

(1) design technology

Architectural curtain wall design techniques include research and development and application of two elements. R & D mainly refers to the building curtain wall from the materials science, structure, physics, mechanics and production technology from the perspective of development and innovation. The application design refers to the mature technology and specifications for the construction of curtain wall engineering personalized design. Curtain wall technology to a large extent is a kind of integration, integration, application technology. With the construction of curtain walls continue to diversify, personalized, pan-functional development, research and development and design more and more inseparable, often in the application design for development and innovation.

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Analysis on the Development Trend of Shanghai Construction Industry and the Forecast of Investment Risk in 2014-2018 - "Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Natural Science Edition)" 2009 年 01 期 "Journal of Architectural Education in Institutions of Higher Learning" Report 123

(2) manufacturing process technology

The production and processing technology and equipment of building curtain wall enterprises have realized the transition from the traditional process of single piece processing to the new production line of the processing center, and realized the mechanized processing and production, especially the unit type curtain wall to realize the automatic pipeline production. With the deepening of the concept of energy saving and environmental protection, the curtain wall production technology gradually developed. Double curtain wall technology, photovoltaic curtain wall technology, Low-E hollow glass technology and heat insulation broken bridge aluminum technology have been used in the production of curtain wall manufacturing, curtain wall insulation performance and air tightness is superior to traditional building energy efficiency standards, energy saving The effect is obvious. Curtain wall industry factory, product, environmental protection development has greatly promoted the development of the industry.

(3) construction technology

With the development of the curtain wall industry, construction curtain wall construction technology has broken through the traditional technology, and gradually from the field processing production mode into parts factory production, site construction and assembly of the new model; technological breakthroughs to improve the quality of the project, but also on the construction technology The fine degree of construction management put forward higher requirements. But at present, mechanization, information assembly level, the proportion of China's construction site equipment and equipment is not high, with the international advanced level there is still a certain gap.

(4) experimental detection technology

China has established a relatively complete technical parameters of the curtain wall physical performance standards, the formation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences National Laboratory and the local test station (center) two detection system, and the establishment of the wind tunnel simulation test, seismic shaking test Thermal insulation test, sound insulation performance test, structural sealant test and other professional laboratories and float glass, insulating glass, metal composite sheet, fire detection materials laboratory for China's curtain wall research and development, product development, quality demonstration provided Scientific basis.

2, public building decoration technology level and technical characteristics

(1) design technology

Decorative design is based on the nature of the use of the building, the comprehensive use of modern material means, scientific and technological means and artistic means to make the building functional, beautiful environment, the characteristics of obvious activities. There are cultural, artistic taste less, low level repeated; pay attention to less energy saving and environmental protection, luxury and more waste, "the situation, the overall level to be improved.

(2) construction technology

The number of public building decoration team is huge, but because of the uneven construction technology, has not yet broken through the traditional construction technology, mainly the traditional wood, oil, tile, electricity and other architectural decoration of the scene of hand-made and assembly technology, in the construction project Often only focus on the overall effect, ignoring the details of the decorative design.

(3) material technology

The current domestic decoration enterprises are still traditional decorative materials, such as ceramic plates, architectural glass. New technology materials, especially energy-saving materials and environmental protection materials, such as: insulation broken bridge aluminum, insulating glass, antiseptic mortar, double groove gypsum hollow strip, energy-saving decorative plates,


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